How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden This Spring

Squirrels are cute, playful, and entertaining little critters to have around the yard. However, if you manage a garden every year, you might not be the biggest fan of them. And that’s okay! Squirrels are a common nuisance for gardeners since they are very good at sneaking around and causing all sorts of gardening problems. If you are tired of living under the tyranny of nuisance garden squirrels, it may help to take a new approach.

Continue reading to learn some effective tips for protecting your garden from squirrel damage, safely and humanely.

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Squirrel Control for Flowerbeds and Gardens

Make Some Environmental Modifications

The first step to stopping those furry little critters is modifying your surroundings. This means doing whatever you can to thwart squirrel activity and access. Put away accessible pet food dishes and water bowls, get rid of bird baths and houses, and eliminate low-hanging branches near roofs, patios, gardens, sheds, garages, and more (trim at least 6 feet away). You will also do well to seal up your garbage cans and only take them outside the morning of collection day.

If you have trees that are near your home and garden, you might want to consider installing metal sheets around the trunks to prevent squirrels from climbing them. These metal tree wraps discourage traction. And if they cannot climb your trees, it is not likely that they’ll stick around your property for too much longer.

Animal-Proof the Garden

If you are planting bulbs this year, consider planting them with cages. These metal cages can be purchased at any local gardening or home improvement store; or you can make them yourself using standard sheet metal. You can take it a step further by installing a metal mesh sheet over the top of your garden soil. Just be sure the mesh openings are at least 2 1/2 inches in diameter so they do not obstruct plant growth. You can use other types of garden barriers and reinforcements too, such as chicken wire fencing and hardware cloth. These methods will work well to prevent nuisance critters from digging up your garden plants.

Rely on Sensory Barriers

There are many non-toxic, homemade repellents you can use to thwart nuisance squirrel activity in certain areas of your yard. Many spices and smells are disliked by wildlife, including cayenne pepper, peppermint, menthol, and cinnamon. Sprinkle these spice mixtures around the perimeter of your garden for added protection. You can also use bowls of moth balls or ammonia soaked cotton balls, as well as, predator urine (coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, etc.), fake owl decoys, and even bitter apple spray. Just be sure to reapply regularly to maintain a constant and strong barrier.

Professional Squirrel Control Service

If nuisance squirrels are an ongoing problem for your property, it is very likely that they have caused problems in other areas of your home. Always try to catch a squirrel problem early on if you can. It is important to hire a professional wildlife control company to inspect your house for squirrel openings, damages, infestations, and all other wild animal susceptibilities. Professional wildlife intervention and proofing services will save you loads of time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Are ready for a more professional and advanced approach to squirrel control? Contact Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 to get rid of squirrels in Indianapolis, Indiana at a price you can afford. We serve residential and commercial clients.

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3 Ways to Protect Your Bird Feeders From Squirrels and Chipmunks

Wintertime is not the best time for admiring nature’s wildlife, as most are snuggled and hidden away in their winter dens. But birds are a beautiful and abundant species that remain active yearlong, leading many of us to install bird houses and bird feeders in our yards. Too bad squirrels and chipmunks are not always a part of that hibernating crowd, because they are notorious for pillaging bird feeders all winter long!

If nuisance squirrels and chipmunks are hindering your bird watching pleasure this season, continue reading to learn the top 3 best ways to protect bird seed feeders from these winter thieves!

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How to Safely Stop Squirrels and Chipmunks From Stealing Bird Food

Install a Squirrel Dome

A squirrel dome is an attachment that you can put below or above a bird feeder. They can be found at supermarkets, home stores, and online. For bird houses that hang from something above, the dome is placed above the bird feeder. When it’s in place, the squirrel cannot gain traction long enough to climb under the dome and get to the seed.  If you have bird houses that are hung from a shorter pole that stakes into the ground, the dome should be placed under the feeder. This way, when squirrels try to climb the staked pole, they can only reach the inside of the dome, and cannot get above it to the bird feeder. A squirrel dome is an inexpensive and immediate solution to conserving your bird feed.

Make Your Own Repellent Spray

There is a product on the market that can be found at home stores, grocery stores, department stores, and pet stores called squirrel repellent spray. It comes in a simple and easy to use spray bottle and is inexpensive to purchase. Although the word “repellent” may seem harsh, it is actually 100% safe for the squirrels and birds.  The directions say to spray the solution all over the bird house itself, as well as the bird seed. The birds do not mind the spray one bit, but the squirrels do not like the taste at all. This deters them from wanting the bird seed in the first place. If it doesn’t taste good, they won’t pursue it!

Install a Squirrel Feeder

A friendlier approach would be to just give the squirrels their own food. This option is most helpful for homeowners with large populations of squirrels living near their property. There are squirrel toys on the market, such as picnic table-shaped squirrel feeders and spinning wheels that entertain families of all ages. Purchasing unshelled peanuts and placing them on the opposite side of the yard from the bird feeders can greatly reduce the amount of bird seed you go through.

Nashville, TN Squirrel and Chipmunk Control Services

Call Budget Animal Removal at 615-337-9165 for safe and humane Nashville, Tennessee wildlife removal and control services for nuisance squirrels and chipmunks. Our TWRA licensed and insured wildlife control specialists have more than 30 years of experience, and serve all of Middle Tennessee and the Greater Nashville areas, including Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, and Thompson’s Station. Our Nashville critter ridder specialists serve both residential and commercial clients, and also offer several complimentary amenities, including free phone quotes, estimates, advice, and referrals.

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Tennessee Wildlife Removal and Control 615-337-9165

How to Get Rid of Nuisance Chipmunks

Chipmunks are those tiny, furry, four-legged critters that strikingly resemble a squirrel. As something that is so cute and seemingly harmless, why would anyone want to get rid of them? Well, the harsh truth is that chipmunks are known to be quite the pest. Not only do they love to dig holes and tunnels underground, turning your lawn into an unsightly disaster, they also have a habit of digging for roots and tubers, and eating young shoots and leaves. Furthermore, they can enter into the living quarters of your home and cause all sorts of unhygienic and unsafe destruction.

Anyone who appreciates their landscaping and curb appeal will agree that getting rid of a nuisance chipmunk problem is a top priority. If you have noticed an increase in chipmunk activity on your property, continue reading to learn what you can do to put a stop to it, pronto.

Indianapolis Chipmunk Removal and Control
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Use a Homemade Chipmunk Repellent

There are several spices and scents that chipmunks detest. These include menthol, eucalyptus, spearmint, cayenne pepper, black pepper, red pepper, and anything else with a similar scent or taste. When mixed with water, you have yourself a homemade, non-toxic repellent! Whether in powder or oil of essence form, you can combine your choice of these ingredients with clean water and then spray them around the perimeter of your lawn or gardens, or in areas where you have noticed heightened chipmunk activity. Use a plastic spray bottle for easy application, and be sure to reapply after rain.

Important Note: This solution is safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your lawn or garden, nor harming wildlife. However, be sure to make arrangements for children, as well as pets like cats and dogs, since the ingredients in the solution can irritate their skin, eyes, nose, and throat. Keep them away from treated areas for their own safety.

Incorporate Some Key Environmental Changes

You can make changes to your landscaping to help reduce the amount of chipmunk activity on your property. Start by removing anything that you believe is attracting them, such as bird feeders, bird baths, low hanging branches, and other food, water, and climbing sources. You can also add chipmunk feeders to the outer perimeter of your property to distract them from coming any closer.

Professional Chipmunk Control is Always Effective

When nothing has really helped, you need professional intervention. Trust a licensed and insured Indianapolis wildlife removal and control company for safe and humane chipmunk abatement services that will actually work. They have the specialized training and permits to provide safe wildlife extraction and exclusion services, including minor attic restorations, clean up, and more.

Indianapolis Chipmunk Removal Services You Can Trust

Call Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 to get rid of chipmunks in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas. Our DNR licensed and insured wildlife rescue and control specialists offer nuisance wildlife abatement services, cleanup and minor restorations for animal damages, 24 hour emergency service, free estimates, and much more! Get started by requesting a free estimate or advice, today.

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Tips for Dead Animal Odor Removal

So, you discovered there was a dead animal, or animals, in your home and you have had them successfully removed. But for some reason, your home still smells as if they were still there. So, what do you do? You call a reputable Indianapolis wildlife control company for professional dead animal cleanup and restoration services. Your homeowners’ insurance might even cover all or part of the service!

Continue reading to learn why your home retains these foul odors left behind by a dead animal, and how a professional wildlife removal technician can remove them for good, and within budget.

Indianapolis Dead Animal Removal and Cleanup
Indianapolis Dead Animal Removal and Cleanup 317-875-3099

Dead Animals Leave Behind More Than Just Odors

Whether raccoons, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, or some other species of Indiana wildlife, there are many reasons why a home may still smell like the dead animal that was just removed. Sometimes, that smell can be described as rotting meat or sour garbage, but must worse. When an animal is living within a home, and then dies, simply removing the carcass is not enough if the animal spent more than a few days inside. In addition to a dead animal carcass, other remnants of their time there will cause smells to develop and linger.

For example, animal urine and droppings can accumulate to mass amounts in as little as a few hours. This causes an airborne odor that will pass through the home’s vents, ductwork, walls, and ceilings. In fact, if the urine and dropping accumulations are too massive, they can even seep through these areas and cause stains on ceilings and walls.

Furthermore, a dead animal carcass can also leave behind body oils that saturate and soak through areas of the home where the animal died. This can leave behind a strong, pungent odor just by itself. Aside from a carcass, other remnants of animals can cause smells to contaminate the home, such as decaying food leftovers and birthing debris.

Dead Animal Odor Removal Process

It is vital to your home and health to hire a professional wildlife control contractor to manage these problems and remedy them in a convenient time frame. They retain the proper training and experience to quickly identify foul animal odors, and the professional supplies to restore your space back to normal. Depending on the extent of damage, technicians commonly control and remove foul odors by applying counteractants, oxidizing agents, germicidal disinfectants, aerosol sprays, and foggers to complete the job. Best of all, most wildlife cleanup and restoration services are covered fully or partially by standard homeowners’ insurance policies.

Qualified Dead Animal Removal and Cleanup Service in Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable dead animal removal and cleanup services in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a locally owned and operated Hoosier company founded on old-fashioned values of integrity and respect, you can feel confident that your property is in the hands of truly qualified professionals who are committed to superior customer support, as well as, the protection and preservation of Indiana’s astounding wildlife. Contact us at 317-875-3099 to speak directly with a friendly wildlife abatement specialist about your nuisance animal problems, today.

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Native Indiana Squirrel Species You Might See in Your Backyard

Tree squirrels are a normal part of nature in most areas of the country. These furry little critters are most known for their long, bushy tails, sensational appetite for nuts, and their amazing tree climbing abilities. Here in Indiana, our state happens to be home to four squirrel species, all of which have their own unique and interesting attributes. But be careful! Squirrels can also be a nuisance if your property is not well-protected against wildlife tampering.

Continue reading to learn more about our Indiana squirrels, including what you can do to ensure your home or building is not a target for nuisance animal damage.

Indianapolis Squirrel Removal and Control
Indianapolis Squirrel Removal and Control 317-875-3099

Types of Squirrels in Indiana

The four species of squirrel that are native to Indiana and the surrounding regions include the Gray squirrel, Southern Flying squirrel, Fox squirrel, and the Red squirrel. The most common types of squirrels, and the ones you likely spot on occasion in your own yard, are Fox squirrels. These critters are quite loud, and love to hide, bury, dig up, and eat their nuts. Gray squirrels are also quite common, but mostly found in the Central and Southern parts of the state. Red squirrels are also referred to as “Pineys” and tend to remain mostly in the Central and Northern parts of Indiana. As for the Southern Flying squirrel, they are the smallest of the four, and nocturnal at that, making them extra special.

All four squirrel species share the same diet, including nuts like acorns, walnuts, pecans, and bird seed. Yes, they love bird seed! See our blog, “How to Prevent Nuisance Squirrels From Stealing Bird Feed” to learn how to stop this problem on your property. They also eat berries, insects, and sometimes tree bark. When it comes to their homes, all squirrel species in Indiana love to choose tree cavities and old woodpecker holes, or build nests among high, mature tree branches. They also find shelter in residential attics, which is a big problem for homeowners. Squirrel infestations are messy and destructive, and can cost thousands of dollars to renovate.

Protecting Against Nuisance Squirrels

In order to protect your home and property from nuisance squirrel damage and infestation, you must take certain precautions. Through environmental modification, you can thwart squirrel activity and divert their attention away from your property. One way to do this is to remove all things that attract squirrels, such as bird feeders, pet food, nut and fruit trees, and anything else they like. Of course, this is not always entirely possible, as most property owners do not want to remove trees simply to stop squirrel activity. But you can trim trees on a routine basis to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your roofing and siding.

The only way you can have a squirrel infestation removed from your property, whether in the attic or an outdoor shed, is to hire a licensed wildlife removal and control company. They are the only ones who have the proper permits, licenses, and resources, and offer residential wild animal extraction and exclusion services. Most companies offer 24 hour emergency assistance in the case that you find a squirrel in the house.

Affordable Squirrel Removal and Control in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable squirrel removal and control in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas. Our DNR licensed and insured wildlife rescue and control specialists offer nuisance wildlife abatement services, clean-up and minor restorations for animal damages, 24 hour emergency service, free estimates, and much more! Get started by requesting a free estimate or advice, today.

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Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Did you know that today, January 21st, is the annual National Squirrel Appreciation Day? It’s True!

Americans all across the country celebrate this day by giving back a little more to the local squirrel populations within our communities. You too can do your part to support the neighborhood squirrels, all without posing any risk of animal damage to your property. Continue below to learn some fun facts about squirrels, as well as, some tips for showing your appreciation for these furry little critters this season!

Indianapolis Squirrel Removal and Control
National Squirrel Appreciation Day – January 21st

Fun Facts About Squirrels

Squirrels are small to medium-sized rodents that can fall under one or more of the three following categories: 1) Tree squirrel, 2) Ground squirrel, and 3) Flying squirrel. They belong to the Animalia family, Sciuridae, which also includes animals like chipmunks and prairie dogs, as well as, woodchucks, groundhogs, and other species of marmot.  

They are most known for their big bushy tails and tiny dexterous paws. They range in size, depending on species, gender, and basic genetics. For instance, the African pygmy squirrel can be as small as 7 to 10 centimeters and weigh less than half an ounce, whereas the Alpine marmot measures in at over 2 feet long and up to 18 pounds!

Squirrels live in wooded or forested areas where there is an abundance of trees, undergrowth, and plants, as well as a reliable water source. This is also due to their primary diet of nuts, seeds, flowers, mushrooms, and herbaceous plants.

Some squirrels prefer widely-spaced forests with oaks, pines, and mixed tree species, while others, like the Eastern grey, squirrel, prefers trees that are closer together in order to move from tree to tree between canopies. They either build their nests out of tree branches, leaves, and organic material, or they find a tree cavity for shelter.

Supporting Local Squirrel Colonies

To do your part and support your local neighborhood squirrels, you can hang squirrel houses and feeders on the perimeter of your property. You can also modify your outdoor environments to thwart squirrels from getting too close to your structures. Ultimately, such modifications will deliver protection to squirrels because it keeps them in their safe and natural habitat, rather than your chimney or attic.

Dealing With a Nuisance Squirrel Problem?

If you have a nuisance squirrel problem in or around your property, never poison, trap, or harm them under any circumstances. Instead, always use safe and humane methods to control nuisance squirrels, such as a natural repellent. See our blog, “Non-Toxic Repellent Recipe for Nuisance Wildlife” to learn how to make your very own at home. If your squirrel problem persists, please contact a licensed wildlife removal company that can provide non-lethal squirrel removal and control services.

Safe Squirrel Removal and Control for Indiana

Call Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable wildlife removal and control services for squirrels in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our DNR licensed wildlife removal specialists offer wild animal abatement services, cleanup and minor restorations for animal damages, 24 hour emergency service, free estimates, and more! We work with all species of Indiana wildlife, except dogs, cats, and waterfowl. Request a free estimate, today.

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