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Budget Animal Removal is your solution to affordable and professional wildlife abatement in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. Our DNR licensed and insured animal removal specialists have more than 25 years of experience working in the wildlife rescue and control industry, and have handled all species of native wildlife. We are fully-equipped with the proper knowledge, skills, and resources to implement safe and effective, non-lethal wildlife removal and control services at a price you can afford. Contact us today at 317-875-3099 to request a free estimate or information about our wild animal abatement services.
Full-Service Wildlife Abatement for All Properties and Species
We offer a wide range of wildlife removal and control services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Central Indiana. From animal removal to animal-proofing, and everything in between, we truly do it all to protect your property and get it back to the way it was before your nuisance wildlife problem began, Regardless of size or scope, we are abundantly prepared with the proper knowledge and resources to get the job done right, the first time around.

Here at Budget Animal Removal, we only use humane methods and materials to extract and exclude animals, safely and humanely. We never harm or kill wildlife under any circumstances, as we operate within all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife abatement. This means you can trust that we are compassionate and dedicated professionals who are fully-equipped and qualified to safely transport wild animals to a faraway habitat.

Our DNR licensed wildlife abatement specialists work with virtually all species of wildlife here in Indiana, including raccoons, bats, skunks, moles, fox, snakes, rabbits, opossum, voles, beavers, groundhogs (woodchucks), squirrels , chipmunks, birds (excluding waterfowl), coyotes, muskrats, deer, and more. Please understand, however, that we do not work with injured or orphaned animals, nor dogs, cats, or waterfowl. See our FAQS page to learn how to report these animals to the appropriate authorities in your town.

In addition to full-service wildlife abatement for all species of wildlife native to Indiana, we also provide comprehensive wildlife cleanup and restoration services for animal damages, as well as, integrated pest management solutions, environmental modification and monitoring, 24 hour emergency service, homeowners’ insurance claim work, post service checkups, free wildlife removal information, free estimates, and free advice. Contact us today at 317-875-3099 to receive a free, over-the-phone estimate!
Our Name Says it All
Here at Budget Animal Removal, our company name originates from our old-fashioned values of integrity and respect. As a locally-owned and operated company, we appreciate the value of a dollar, which is why we maintain economy-based prices all year long. We guarantee to help meet your wildlife removal and control needs within a budget you can afford. Contact us today at 317-875-3099 to request free estimate or information about your nuisance animal concerns.
Why Choose Budget Animal Removal?
  • Owned and Operated For 25+ Years
  • DNR Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Decades of Experience
  • Humane Animal Removal
  • Works With All Indiana Wildlife
  • Commercial and Residential Service
  • Referred By the Indy Humane Society
  • Free Estimates and Phone Quotes
  • Free Advice and Referrals
  • Competitive Prices
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
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We Provide Home Owners’ Insurance Claim Work
It is possible that your home owners’ insurance policy covers structural damages caused by nuisance wildlife, such as raccoons, bats, squirrels, birds, and more. If so, we can work alongside your carrier to implement cleanup and restoration services for such damages. See our FAQS page to learn which companies we work with. Whether you are covered by insurance or not, we can restore your property back to its original condition within your budget.
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