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Beavers can cause a lot of damage and destruction, not only to real estate, but even to the surrounding environment. You see, beaver dams create floodwaters, which can be treacherous and destructive to residential to commercial real estate, land, plants, and timber. Worst of all, floodwater overflow into parking lots, backyards, and even basements, which can lead to standing water and interior water damages. Beavers are also known to gnaw on decks, patios, and other wooden structures around homes and buildings. This reduces building value, as well as, the physical appearance and aesthetics of a property. If you live near a body of water, it is in your best interest to put a stop to beaver activity.
What You Can Do About Nuisance Beavers
Budget Animal Removal is your one-stop-shop for nuisance beaver problems. Whether commercial or residential, our DNR licensed and insured professionals offer a wide range of beaver removal and control services in Indianapolis, and throughout Central Indiana. Our services are comprehensive, and include everything from beaver trapping and exclusion, to wildlife cleanup and restoration, full property inspections, post service checkups, environmental modification and monitoring, free information about wildlife abatement, free wildlife control FAQS, free estimates, free advice, and much more! We combine the latest technologies and our adept knowledge of the industry to safely and humanely get rid of beavers without ever harming them or the surrounding environment.
Prime Services We Offer:
  • Beaver Removal
  • Beaver-Proofing
  • Dead Animal Removal
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Here at Budget Animal Removal, not only are we licensed and fully-insured, we only use non-lethal methods and materials to perform our wildlife control services; we never harm or kill wildlife under any circumstances, as we adhere to all industry standards and best practices, as well as, operate within all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife abatement. And as a locally owned and operated Hoosier company founded on old-fashioned values of integrity and respect, you can feel confident that your property is in the hands of truly qualified professionals who are committed to superior customer support, as well as, the protection and preservation of Indiana’s astounding wildlife. Contact Us today at 317-875-3099 to learn how to get started.
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