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Muskrats are semi-aquatic, wetland-dwelling rodents, which means they spend their time on both land and in water. This is why they choose environments that are close to a body of water, such as rivers, marshes, swamps, lakes, canals, and even drainage conduits. If you live on a property that has 4 to 6 feet of slow-moving, calm waters and abundant vegetation, you could be at risk of nuisance muskrat activity. So what makes a muskrat a nuisance? As part of the Rodentia order, muskrats behave and reproduce in a similar way, making them quite the nuisance for property owners. Not only are their dens are destructive to lawns, dams, and local ponds, they are also very smelly (hence the name “musk-rat”) and carry infectious diseases. For these reasons and more, it is important to put a stop to a nuisance muskrat problem before the damages can turn costly, or worse, harmful.
Residential and Commercial Muskrat Control
Here at Budget Animal Removal, we have what it takes to safely and effectively manage a nuisance muskrat outbreak, and within your budget. Our DNR licensed and insured specialists provide non-lethal muskrat removal and control services for residential and commercial properties in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. The primary services we offer include muskrat trapping, animal-proofing, environmental modification, property inspections, wildlife cleanup and restoration for animal damages, free information about wildlife removal, free animal control FAQS, and much more. We are truly your one-stop-shop for all wildlife removal and control services you may need. Take a look below to see the basic services we offer for nuisance muskrat activity.
Basic Services We Offer:
  • Muskrat Removal
  • Wildlife-Proofing
  • Dead Animal Removal
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You can feel good about your decision to hire us as your non-lethal muskrat removal providers because our company operates within all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife. With more than 25 years of hands-on experience, we have the knowledge and training to implement the proper methods and techniques to keep your property safe while also protecting the best interests of the surrounding environments and eco-systems. Please Contact Us today at 317-875-3099 to request a free estimate or information on how to get rid of muskrats on or around your property.
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