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Since most home owners are not even sure what a groundhog is or what they look like, years can pass by before they eventually come to realize they have a groundhog problem on their property. You might remember the riddle, “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Well, groundhogs are woodchucks! And as edge species, they like to linger in transitional areas where forest meets a well-vegetated open field or meadow. So if you live near an area that meets these specifications, you may be at risk of nuisance groundhog problems. Not only do they pose several health and safety risks, they are known to burrow through lawns, raid gardens, chew up irrigation lines, damage crops, and more. As soon as you notice signs of woodchuck activity on your property, be sure to take action fast to prevent further damage.
Safe and Non-Lethal Groundhog Control
Here at Budget Animal Removal, we are DNR licensed and insured specialists who offer a wide range of commercial and residential wildlife removal and control services for groundhogs in Indianapolis, and throughout Central Indiana. We retain the latest technologies and resources to manage your nuisance groundhog problem at a price you can afford, regardless of size or scope. Not only do we remove and relocate groundhogs, we also offer full-property inspections, animal-proofing and preventative maintenance, wildlife cleanup and restoration, environmental modification and monitoring, integrated pest management, post-service checkups, free wildlife control information, free animal control FAQS, free estimates, and much more.
Basic Services We Offer:
  • Groundhog Removal
  • Wildlife-Proofing
  • Dead Animal Removal
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We have more than 25 years of hands-on experience, plus retain a vast inventory of the latest technologies and state of the art equipment, which allows us to provide non-lethal groundhog removal and control in a time frame that is convenient for you. We never harm or kill opossum; in fact, we follow all industry-accepted standards and best practices, and operate within all local, state, and federal laws that govern wildlife. Contact us at 317-875-3099 to request a free estimate or information about getting rid of nuisance opossum, today.
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