Non-Toxic Repellent Recipe for Nuisance Wildlife

If you have nuisance wildlife problems around your property, and you are at your wits’ end trying to abate their destructive activity, you might be considering a poisonous repellent. But please do not go that route! Not only are poisons and toxic repellents inhumane, they are also very bad for the environment. They can even pose health and safety risks to dogs, cats, and young children.

Rather than opting for something that is terrible, frowned upon, and really ineffective, simply make your own, homemade animal repellent instead! By using non-toxic, organic ingredients, most of which can be found right inside your own cupboards, you can make a safe and humane solution that will thwart all sorts of nuisance wildlife.

Continue reading for some recipe ideas!

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What You Will Need:

❧ Plastic Spray Bottle
❧ Clean Water
❧ Personal Protective Gear (optional)

Ingredients Options:

Choose 3 or more of these ingredients to concoct a safe, non-toxic solution you can use to abate nuisance animals!

❧ Cinnamon
❧ Hot Sauce
❧ Cayenne Pepper
❧ Black Pepper
❧ Chili Powder|
❧ Garlic Powder
❧ Eucalyptus Oil
❧ Menthol Oil
❧ Peppermint Oil
❧ Spearmint Oil

Simply mix the ingredients together in water, and then transfer them to a clean, plastic spray bottle. Spray the solution around the perimeter of your lawn, as well as, any areas you notice heightened animal activity.

Important Note: This solution is safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your lawn or garden, nor harming wildlife. However, be sure to make arrangements for children, as well as pets like cats and dogs, since the ingredients in the solution can irritate their skin, eyes, nose, and throat. Keep them away from treated areas for their own safety.

Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control

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