Why are There So Many Birds on My Lawn?

Have you noticed an increase in sitting birds on your lawn? If so, there are a number of reasons why they might be interested in your particular property. Continue reading to learn what it is that’s attracting birds to your yard, as well as, whether or not they are harmful to grass and how to get rid of them safely.

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Causes for Birds in the Grass

It might sound like an old nursery rhyme song title, but the phrase “birds in the grass” has a very common and true notion behind it. Birds that rest in lawns are mostly looking for food, but they may also be looking for a reprieve from the hot sun. You see, grass develops cool, moist dew in the mornings, which birds will use in many ways. They will drink dew to quench their thirst, ruffle it through their feathers for a refreshing cleanse, and even settle deep within the blades to indulge in the coolness it offers.

It is important to know why birds are attracted to your particular lawn in order to solve the problem. But are birds in the grass a real problem? Well, that depends on who you ask. Birds can be quite the nuisance if they are left uncontrolled. Not only can you expect a load of bird droppings all over your lawn and any structure within it, you can expect the threat of bird-related pests and parasites to be a potential threat as well. This is even more of a risk for those who have outdoor pets, like cats, dogs, pigs, and horses.

As for aesthetics, birds picking away at your lawn for food can cause your grass to die, look clumpy or messy, and overall, disheveled. For anyone who puts a lot of energy into maintaining a nice-looking lawn, nuisance birds are not something you want around. In this case, you would need to implement some strategies to thwart nuisance bird activity on your property.

Not only can birds cause a long list of damage to the exterior of your home, they can also find a way inside for shelter. Once inside, they can cause an extreme amount of mess and damage that may or may not be covered in your home owner’s insurance policy. For this reason, it is vital to stop bird infestations before they begin. As soon as you are aware wild animals are visiting your property, call an Indianapolis wildlife control company for expert advice you can trust.

Common Nuisance Birds

Pigeons and Starlings are two birds that are known for being a nuisance to residential and urban properties in large cities, like Indianapolis. Pigeons are very filthy birds that can carry and transmit several infectious diseases and parasites (mites, fleas, lice, etc.). They reproduce at rapid rates, which means their flocks are always large in numbers. More pigeons means more droppings all over our structures, vehicles, and of course, roof tops.

Starlings are just as bad because they create nests that are damaging to home and properties. Although these small black birds appear harmless, they come in large numbers, nesting in vents, roof shingles, attics, crawl spaces, outdoor AC units, gutters, and much more. This causes costly structural damages that may not be covered by homeowners’ insurance. And just like pigeons, Starling droppings are corrosive and can cause dangerous Histoplasmosis spores in the air.

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