What to Do About Nuisance Coyotes in Indiana

Coyotes are good at stay hid, so many Hoosiers are unaware that they are a common nuisance pest and threat in our rural areas. As a nocturnal species, coyotes generally do their business at night, between the hours of dusk and dawn; such business being hunting, locating new sources of food and shelter, and similar opportunistic findings. Their behaviors, habits, and natural instincts make them an incredibly destructive and dangerous species in Indiana.

If you are beginning to notice an onset or increase in coyote activity around your property, it is vital to act fast. The sooner you get control over a nuisance coyote problem, the better your chances at cutting off the local coyote population from your area entirely. Furthermore, you can better protect your assets, investments, loved ones, and pets from coyote damages and dangerous encounters.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about coyote control in Indiana, including how to get rid of coyotes, safely.

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Coyote Facts

As mentioned, coyotes are a nocturnal species, so they are active at night. As carnivores, this common relative of the canine prefers to eat the meat of other animals, such as birds, rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and more. They make their homes in dens, either dug out themselves or a hollowed tree. In residential areas, they like to take shelters under porches and decks, as well as sheds, barns, crawl spaces, and even outhouse buildings.

As you can imagine, coyotes are like dogs, and capable of causing a massive amount of destruction with their high energy, heavy paws, long claws, and sharp teeth. Their natural behaviors and instincts are to chew, bite, feed, and defend, all of which can be threatening to property, people, and pets. Furthermore, coyotes can be carriers of several infectious diseases, including the Rabies Virus.

If you live near woods, forested areas, or large bodies of water, your property is a possible target for coyotes. Feeding local wildlife like birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and more can also attract coyotes right to your lot. Additional things that will attract coyotes include leaving pet food outside, neglecting to repair openings and holes on the outside of the house, failing to clear all fallen fruit around trees, allowing brushy areas of the lawn to grow high, and taking the trash out the night before garbage collection day.

Be sure to take action to protect your home and property from coyote tampering and damage, otherwise you could face costly and invasive repairs, or even dangerous coyote attacks or encounters. Keep your pets indoors while dealing with a nuisance coyote problem, and monitor them 100% of the time when they have to go outside for playtime or bathroom breaks. Furthermore, consider installing a fence around your lot if nothing seems to keep the coyotes away.

Tips for Coyote Encounters

If you see a coyote out during the day, it could be for a number of reasons. They can be lost, sick, or even rabid. Sometimes, coyotes are spotted during the day in metro and suburban areas because they are being attracted to food sources. No matter where you see a coyote, never under any circumstances should you attempt to touch, trap, harm, or kill a coyote. Not only can you put yourself and others in danger, but you can also violate certain state and local laws governing wildlife and hunting. It is best practice to contact a DNR licensed Indiana animal control company for safe and humane coyote removal services.

Fast and Effective Coyote Control in Indianapolis, Indiana

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