How to Protect Your Car From Animal Damages in Winter

Here in Indiana, not all species of wildlife migrate. Many animals, like skunks, raccoons, and squirrels like to stay right where they are for the winter. Unfortunately, this can cause problems with our own property since these species are looking for warm and reliable shelter that will protect them through the season and give them a space to breed their young come spring.

The most vulnerable assets targeted by animals in search of shelter are attics, barns, sheds, and play sets. However, they really love our cars too! That’s right; wild animals will use your vehicle during the winter as a place to stay until the climate is more forgiving. But you certainly won’t be forgiving once you discover that animals have damaged your ride.

Continue reading to learn how you can protect your vehicle from animal damages this winter, as well as, who to call for help if your property is already too far infested by nuisance wildlife.

Indianapolis Wildlife Control 317-875-3099
Indianapolis Wildlife Control 317-875-3099

A Car is a Home for an Animal

It may seem very unsuspecting, but the undercarriages of vehicles can make a cozy little shelter for wildlife. Raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and chipmunks are common nuisance wildlife found nesting underneath an abandoned, stationary, or junk vehicle. When it comes to raccoons, gaining access inside vehicles is a very high possibility because they have human-like paws that allow them to open doors and windows just like us! Just be sure to take extra precaution when checking your vehicle for nesting animals.

Homemade Animal Repellent

An effective and humane approach to keep wild animals away from your house is to make a homemade non-toxic animal repellent. The best ingredients to use for your animal repellent include cayenne pepper, hot peppers, onions, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, black pepper, garlic, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. These spices and ingredients will irritate wild animal’s eyes and skin and thwart their interest in your property. But not to worry; it is safe and humane. Just be sure to keep your dog or cat away from any application areas.

To make your solution, start by mixing some of the mentioned ingredients together and transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. For raccoons, go heavy on the cayenne and cinnamon; they hate these smells, flavors, and sensations. For other wildlife, incorporate other pepper-based ingredients. Once you have concocted your solution, spray the perimeter of your property with this solution to prevent nuisance animal intrusions. These spices and ingredients will irritate wild animal’s eyes and skin and thwart their interest in your property. Raccoons have excellent memories, so they will certainly remember that your property is no fun. This solution works well against skunks, opossum, and squirrels too.

Additional Options:

☑ Install Automatic Sprinkler Systems
☑ Set Up Motion-Sensing Lighting
☑ Play a Radio Station Outside
☑ Call a Wildlife Abatement Professional

✨ The best approach to protecting your property from animal damage is professional wildlife abatement.

Indiana Animal Removal and Control

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