Common Signs That You Have Bats in the Attic

Your home is your sanctuary. You expect to be in full control of its overall structural integrity. So, when you suspect that bats are roosting in your attic quarters, it is important to act fast. The longer bats reside inside your house, the more damage they will cause. Not only do bats cause a massive amount of structural damage, but they also generate an unsanitary and unhygienic environment that can lead to serious health complications. If these risks weren’t bad enough, bats are also known carriers of several infectious diseases, including the Rabies virus.

Not sure if bats are an issue in your home? It is better to be on top of your animal-proofing than to be too late. Continue reading to learn the most common signs of bats in the attic so that you can catch an infestation early on and abate invasive repairs or threats to your health.

Bat Removal Nashville TN 615-337-9165
Bat Removal Nashville TN 615-337-9165

Bats are Dangerous and Destructive

You do not want bats as house guests. They are highly destructive, both inside and out. When bats are roosting in attics, they tend to rip away and soil all of the insulation, including insulation in wall voids. Their droppings will also saturate and soil floorboards and electrical wiring, which leads to ceiling and wall stains in the living areas of your home, lingering odors, and even fire hazards. Bats will also chew electrical wiring, which can pose all sorts of safety and structural catastrophes. If you store cherished belongings in your attic, they can destroy those too.

Additionally, bat poop, or guano, can grow fungal spores that can become airborne and travel through the home’s ductwork. This can cause a serious illness in both people and pets known as Histoplasmosis, an upper respiratory infection. Needless to say, you do not want a bat infestation anywhere near your home, especially inside your attic.  

What to Look For if You Suspect Bats in the Attic:

Strange Noises Overnight

Bats are nocturnal, so they are active from night until dawn. One of the most common signs of bats in the house is hearing strange noises inside the walls or ceiling. Such noises can be described as chattering, squeaking, squealing, or screeching. You may also hear shuffling as bats meander through the attic space.

Lingering Odors

As mentioned, bat droppings and urine can saturate the space they occupy. Once the accumulation has reached an absorbent amount, it can begin to leak through attic floorboards and into ceilings, walls, and even hanging artwork. Although the stains might not be apparent yet, a lingering odor usually is by this point. If you are detecting a foul smell in your home that you cannot identify, and it seems to be concentrated to one particular area, it could be bats in the attic.

Bat Droppings

Another common indicator of bats in the attic is guano sightings, typically around windowsills or near roof edges. If you notice guano around your attic vents or windows, on the roof, or even inside the attic, it could very well be from a localized bat infestation.

Do you think you might have bats in the attic or around your house? Contact Budget Animal Removal at 615-337-9165 for TWRA licensed and insured Nashville, Tennessee critter control for bats. We serve residential and commercial clients.

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