How to Get Rid of Rabbits Without Hurting Them

Rabbits are native here to the Tennessee regions, and they are certainly among the cutest local wildlife in our state. However, rabbits are also highly destructive, sadly making them a nuisance animal to residential properties. If you are having problems with garden pillaging and lawn mauling rabbits, find solace in the fact that there are effective ways you can control them, or even get rid of them altogether. Most importantly, you can use these techniques to get rid of rabbits without hurting them.

Continue reading to learn how to safely trap and release rabbits, repel them with non-toxic methods, or change your environment to thwart their interest or access entirely.

Rabbit Control Nashville Tennessee 615-337-9165
Rabbit Control Nashville Tennessee 615-337-9165

Rabbit Control Methods That are Non-Lethal

Rabbit Trapping and Release

One the most effective methods of getting rid of nuisance rabbits on your property is to trap and release them. Not only is this an effective approach, but it is also safe. Catch and release traps should not harm rabbits if they are properly set up. It is important to also practice safety when releasing them from the trap. Trapped rabbits should be released in a faraway habitat that is compatible with their lifestyle.

Be sure to purchase critter control traps that are specifically designed for rabbits. Set them in areas where you have spotted the most rabbit activity and use a rabbit-specific bait, such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, apples, and lettuce. You can also spritz the inside of the cage with apple cider vinegar, which has a strong aroma of ripened apples that commonly works well to attract rabbits.

Non-Toxic Rabbit Repellents

Aside from rabbit traps, you can purchase or even make your own non-toxic rabbit repellent. Like many animals, rabbits do not like certain smells, scents, or sensations. You can use their food and smell of versions to your advantage by adding them into a water bottle of water. Mix in ingredients like cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, garlic, Tabasco sauce, and even egg. Then squirt your solution around the perimeter of your property and generously in the areas of heightened rabbit activity. Just be sure to keep children and pets away from treated areas, as certain ingredients can irritate their eyes, nose, and throats.

Environmental Modifications and Strategies

In addition to rabbit traps and repellents, you can incorporate rabbit-specific environmental modifications that are designed to divert their interest in your property. Think about what rabbits want with your property then remove it or block it off. The most common elements to focus on are food and shelter.

Look for areas that rabbits are pillaging for food, such as your gardens and foliage areas, as well as places they can hide, like log piles, tall weeds, crawl spaces, beneath porches, and hollowed tree trunks. You can also consider installing a fence, but it is important to ensure it is deep enough in the ground to prevent them from digging their way in. Motion-detecting sprinklers are another common strategy, often used by businesses and commercial properties.

When nothing seems to work, your best bet is to enlist licensed professionals for strategic rabbit control and removal service in Nashville, Tennessee. Contact Budget Animal Removal at 615-337-9165 for TWRA licensed and insured Nashville, Tennessee animal removal you can trust. We serve commercial and residential clients.

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