3 Reasons Why Bats are Great at Flying

Bats are the only mammal on Earth that can fly. I know what you are thinking; but flying squirrels, flying fish, and other animals that “fly” are really just soaring on wind currents. Bats, on the other hand, can actually take and maintain flight, just like a bird. If that’s not interesting enough, bats are also superior flyers, and can acutely maneuver and meander through the air with fine-tuned precision. How do they accomplish such a feat?

Continue reading to learn the three reasons why bats are so good at flying.

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Bat Wings

Bat wings are unlike any other wing in the mammalian animal kingdom. Not only do their hair follicles grow in a very unique way that makes them highly-responsive to their surrounding environment, but their wings also have touch-sensitive receptors that sends tactile information directly to the brain. Both of these innate biological attributes allow bats to accurately sense nearby obstructions and changes in the wind, but more importantly, catch their targeted prey with added efficiency.

Bat Brains

You might have heard the phrase, “bat brains” before, but it is not an accurate description of the actual proficiency of a bat’s brain. You see, their brains play a large role in their ability to fly. Their neurons within the brain have specially evolved overtime to respond to incoming air flow and wind changes. As a result, bats are better at diving, darting, and interpreting their surroundings at incredible speeds.


Many people wrongly assume bats are blind, especially thanks to the old saying, “blind as a bat.” But the truth is that bats are not blind. In fact, they have pretty good vision. The reason why many people assume bats are blind is because they use a biosonar called echolocation. Echolocation is a bat’s built in sonar system, but it is not meant to be a replacement for vision. Instead, bats use echolocation to improve their flying agility and accuracy in dusky skies. It allows them to instantly interpret their surroundings with precision.

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