Tips for Getting Rid of Foxes in Indiana

Foxes are a common nuisance animal here in the Hoosier state. But it is not their fault. As a result of land over-development, foxes’ habitats are being pushed closer and closer to our urban and suburban territories. Furthermore, a failure to control fox populations has contributing to the growing number and sizes of packs we see each year. If you have a nuisance fox problem in or around your property, it is strongly encouraged to approach it with a safe and humane solution.

Continue below for some prime tips on getting rid of foxes in Indiana.

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Nuisance Fox Solutions That are Safe and Humane

There are several options for abating nuisance fox activity on your property. Whether residential or commercial, avoiding fox interference is a must, considering just how much damage they are capable of. Not only will fox packs dig up and pillage your beloved crops and gardens, they will also damage lawns, wooden structures, trees, and more.

Their urine is quite pungent as well, and they mark a lot, which causes lingering odors and sometimes, problems with your own pet’s marking and potty-time behaviors. To make matters worse, foxes can carry and transmit infectious diseases, one of which being the Rabies virus. So, if you are experiencing heightened fox activity around your house or business, you are wise to be concerned.

Here are some ways you can prevent fox activity on your property:

🦊 Environmental Modification

One of your first priorities when on a mission to reduce or get rod of fox activity on your property is to make changes to your surrounding environment. Basically, remove or lock up anything that attracts fox to your premises, such as pet food, garbage, water, and places to hide. Consider putting your trash cans outside on the morning of collection day, covering compost and log piles with tarps, filling in hollowed trees, removing outdoor pet and water dishes, and perhaps even installing a fence.

🦊 Non-Toxic Repellent

Environmental modification is really only a component of truly abating fox activity. You need to couple it with some other techniques as well, such as a non-toxic animal repellent. For fox, human urine is a great repellent, as they will stay away from any potential predator territory. But this can possibly cause problems, both among unapproving neighbors and your own pets. As an alternative, you can make a homemade, non-toxic repellent for nuisance wildlife.

🦊 Professional Wildlife Control

The best solution to a nuisance fox problem is professional wildlife control service. It is the best solution because it is the most effective, and longest-lasting. Choose a DNR licensed and insured Indianapolis Indiana wildlife removal and control company that has extensive experience and modern technologies, and who uses safe and humane methods to extract and exclude nuisance animals.

Who to Trust for Indiana Fox Removal and Control at an Affordable Price

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