Tips for Dead Animal Odor Removal

So, you discovered there was a dead animal, or animals, in your home and you have had them successfully removed. But for some reason, your home still smells as if they were still there. So, what do you do? You call a reputable Indianapolis wildlife control company for professional dead animal cleanup and restoration services. Your homeowners’ insurance might even cover all or part of the service!

Continue reading to learn why your home retains these foul odors left behind by a dead animal, and how a professional wildlife removal technician can remove them for good, and within budget.

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Dead Animals Leave Behind More Than Just Odors

Whether raccoons, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, or some other species of Indiana wildlife, there are many reasons why a home may still smell like the dead animal that was just removed. Sometimes, that smell can be described as rotting meat or sour garbage, but must worse. When an animal is living within a home, and then dies, simply removing the carcass is not enough if the animal spent more than a few days inside. In addition to a dead animal carcass, other remnants of their time there will cause smells to develop and linger.

For example, animal urine and droppings can accumulate to mass amounts in as little as a few hours. This causes an airborne odor that will pass through the home’s vents, ductwork, walls, and ceilings. In fact, if the urine and dropping accumulations are too massive, they can even seep through these areas and cause stains on ceilings and walls.

Furthermore, a dead animal carcass can also leave behind body oils that saturate and soak through areas of the home where the animal died. This can leave behind a strong, pungent odor just by itself. Aside from a carcass, other remnants of animals can cause smells to contaminate the home, such as decaying food leftovers and birthing debris.

Dead Animal Odor Removal Process

It is vital to your home and health to hire a professional wildlife control contractor to manage these problems and remedy them in a convenient time frame. They retain the proper training and experience to quickly identify foul animal odors, and the professional supplies to restore your space back to normal. Depending on the extent of damage, technicians commonly control and remove foul odors by applying counteractants, oxidizing agents, germicidal disinfectants, aerosol sprays, and foggers to complete the job. Best of all, most wildlife cleanup and restoration services are covered fully or partially by standard homeowners’ insurance policies.

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Contact Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable dead animal removal and cleanup services in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a locally owned and operated Hoosier company founded on old-fashioned values of integrity and respect, you can feel confident that your property is in the hands of truly qualified professionals who are committed to superior customer support, as well as, the protection and preservation of Indiana’s astounding wildlife. Contact us at 317-875-3099 to speak directly with a friendly wildlife abatement specialist about your nuisance animal problems, today.

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The Basic Facts You Want to Know About Beavers

Beavers might be mostly known for their dam building abilities along rivers and streams, but there is plenty more to know about these land and water mammals. Continue reading to learn some fun and interesting facts about beavers that you can share with your family and friends!

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Beaver Facts You May Not Know

The North American Beaver, also called the “Canadian beaver”, is scientifically referred to as Castor Canadensis, which makes them part of the Castor genus and Castoridae family. Not only are they large semi-aquatic, rodents that are mostly nocturnal in nature, they are the largest rodent in North America. They have wide, flat tails that help them wade through water and sit up on land. They also use their tails to communicate with other beavers by slapping them on water to alert of nearby predators.

Here are some more interesting facts you may not have known:

Beavers are semi-aquatic. As semi-aquatic mammals, they can hold their breath and swim underwater for up to 15 minutes. They are fairly slow on land, but in the water, they are very fast.

Beavers have poor eyesight. Beavers do not see very well, but their senses of hearing, smell, and touch are very keen.

Beaver teeth never stop growing. The teeth of beavers grow at a continuous rate. This helps protect them against exponential wear and tear caused by gnawing.

Beavers are mostly nocturnal. For beavers, most of their activity takes place between the hours of dusk and dawn. Many people do not know this!

Beavers are a colonizing species. They cooperatively live in groups and work together to survive.

Beavers build intricate lodges. Beaver dams are also known as “lodges”, and they are complexly engineered to have a flood-free floor that sits above the water’s surface.

Beavers do not hibernate in the winter. Instead, they store up on bark to eat through winter, and their insulated dens keep them warm enough until the season is over.

Beavers are vegetarians. They eat inner bark of trees, as well as, cattails, water lilies, and other types of aquatic vegetation. They really love fruit too, so protect your trees and gardens!

Beavers never really stop growing. They can reach up to 55 pounds and live up to 24 years.

Beavers can be a nuisance to us. See our blog, “Be On the Lookout for Beaver Dam Problems This Fall” to learn more.

Nuisance Beaver Problems and Solutions

Although beavers are interesting to learn about, they are not necessarily a good thing to have around. If you suspect that your property is being targeted by beavers, or you have noticed some increased beaver activity, contact a licensed Indianapolis animal removal and control company for professional intervention. They have the proper permits, training, and experience to provide safe, non-lethal beaver removal that adheres to the state and federal laws that govern wildlife.

Licensed Beaver Removal and Control in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable assistance with nuisance beavers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our DNR licensed wildlife removal specialists offer wild animal abatement services, cleanup and minor restorations for animal damages, 24 hour emergency service, free estimates, and more! Request a free estimate, today.

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Budget Animal Removal Now Serves All of Nashville, Tennessee

Budget Animal Removal is proud to announce that we now have a location in Nashville, Tennessee! Our TWRA licensed and insured wildlife operators are fully-staffed and fully- equipped to provide a wide range of wild animal extraction and exclusion solutions that are guaranteed to FIT THE BUDGET! Scroll down to learn more about us, what we do, and how to get in touch for a free quote or advice, today!

Spring Squirrel Activity. Adult Squirrel in the Sun.

Serving Middle Tennessee and Greater Nashville

Here at Budget Animal Removal, we are dedicated to safe and humane methods of wildlife abatement. We operate using industry best practices, plus adhere to all local and state laws that govern wildlife removal and control. Our TWRA licensed and insured wildlife control specialists have more than 30 years of hands-on experience, and retain the latest technologies and resources to deliver effective and lasting results within a convenient timeline.

We offer both residential and commercial animal removal and control services, including animal extraction, animal-proofing, clean up, animal damage repair, emergency services, and much more. Not only do we operate 24 hours a day and serve all of Davidson County and the Greater Nashville areas, we work with all local species of wildlife here in Tennessee, including bats, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, birds, opossum, coyote, and more. We can even offer animal removal services for armadillos, snapping turtles, and bobcats! Best of all, we offer the most competitive prices in town; after all, our name is BUDGET Animal Removal!

Wild Animal Damages and Restoration Services

Did your house or building suffer structural damages or unhygienic conditions as a result of nuisance animals? Not to worry! We provide cleanup and restoration services for animal damages, plus we can provide homeowners’ insurance claim work! Regardless of size or scope, our TWRA licensed wildlife control specialists are fully-equipped to restore your property back to its original condition before it was damaged by nuisance animals. We utilize top-quality equipment, products, and procedures, and retain decades of hands-on experience in the industry.

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