Tips for Residential Opossum Control

When it comes to nuisance wildlife, opossums are among the most frustrating for homeowners because they are one of the most destructive. Not only will they rummage through garbage and make a huge mess in your lawn, they will also dig up sod in search of grubs, pillage gardens for anything edible, and even cause structural damages to fencing, siding, porches, decks, and more. But the worst part of having a nuisance opossum problem are the health and safety risks they pose to both people and pets. You see, opossums are categorized as rodents, very large rodents, which can also carry a long list of infectious diseases, some of which are not curable, like Rabies.

So, if you are spotting opossum on your property, whether more frequently than before or for the first time, it is vital that you intervene as soon as possible in order to stop them from making it a habit to visit night after night. Continue reading to learn the top 3 most recommended methods of doing just that.

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Environmental Modifications

Although it sounds like a long, fancy term, environmental modification simply means making changes to your premises in order to reduce its attractiveness to opossums. The great news about the environmental modification strategy is that it works against most nuisance wildlife, not just opossum! Animals like raccoon, skunks, squirrels, and rabbits will also stop coming by if your property is no longer of use to them.

Environmental modifications to make include removing all food and water sources, such as garbage bins, fallen fruit from trees, bird baths, pet bowls, pet food (even if it is in a secured container), squirrel feeders, and anything else they can eat. And remember, opossums are not picky; they will eat just about anything! You will also want to include some form of garden protection, such as chicken wire fencing, automated lighting and sound machines, and even just leaving on a radio talk show overnight.

Routine Tree Service

Opossums like to climb, and they are good at it. They even make nests in trees! This means you want to remove anything that allows them easier access to your roof, chimney, siding, porch, deck, patio, and garage. If you have long, overhanging branches near these structures of your home, it is wise to have them trimmed back and pruned on a routine basis.

Damages and Restoration

Another widely-accepted and effective form of opossum control for homeowners is simply, security. This means repairing all of the exterior damages of your home to prevent nuisance wildlife intruders. Openings in fences, roof shingles, siding, soffits, vents, crumbling mortar, and more can be easy entry points for opossums. Having these vulnerable areas sealed up reduces the likelihood of dealing with an animal infestation.

Safe and Humane Solutions for Indiana Opossum Problems

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Native Indiana Squirrel Species You Might See in Your Backyard

Tree squirrels are a normal part of nature in most areas of the country. These furry little critters are most known for their long, bushy tails, sensational appetite for nuts, and their amazing tree climbing abilities. Here in Indiana, our state happens to be home to four squirrel species, all of which have their own unique and interesting attributes. But be careful! Squirrels can also be a nuisance if your property is not well-protected against wildlife tampering.

Continue reading to learn more about our Indiana squirrels, including what you can do to ensure your home or building is not a target for nuisance animal damage.

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Types of Squirrels in Indiana

The four species of squirrel that are native to Indiana and the surrounding regions include the Gray squirrel, Southern Flying squirrel, Fox squirrel, and the Red squirrel. The most common types of squirrels, and the ones you likely spot on occasion in your own yard, are Fox squirrels. These critters are quite loud, and love to hide, bury, dig up, and eat their nuts. Gray squirrels are also quite common, but mostly found in the Central and Southern parts of the state. Red squirrels are also referred to as “Pineys” and tend to remain mostly in the Central and Northern parts of Indiana. As for the Southern Flying squirrel, they are the smallest of the four, and nocturnal at that, making them extra special.

All four squirrel species share the same diet, including nuts like acorns, walnuts, pecans, and bird seed. Yes, they love bird seed! See our blog, “How to Prevent Nuisance Squirrels From Stealing Bird Feed” to learn how to stop this problem on your property. They also eat berries, insects, and sometimes tree bark. When it comes to their homes, all squirrel species in Indiana love to choose tree cavities and old woodpecker holes, or build nests among high, mature tree branches. They also find shelter in residential attics, which is a big problem for homeowners. Squirrel infestations are messy and destructive, and can cost thousands of dollars to renovate.

Protecting Against Nuisance Squirrels

In order to protect your home and property from nuisance squirrel damage and infestation, you must take certain precautions. Through environmental modification, you can thwart squirrel activity and divert their attention away from your property. One way to do this is to remove all things that attract squirrels, such as bird feeders, pet food, nut and fruit trees, and anything else they like. Of course, this is not always entirely possible, as most property owners do not want to remove trees simply to stop squirrel activity. But you can trim trees on a routine basis to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your roofing and siding.

The only way you can have a squirrel infestation removed from your property, whether in the attic or an outdoor shed, is to hire a licensed wildlife removal and control company. They are the only ones who have the proper permits, licenses, and resources, and offer residential wild animal extraction and exclusion services. Most companies offer 24 hour emergency assistance in the case that you find a squirrel in the house.

Affordable Squirrel Removal and Control in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Budget Animal Removal at 317-875-3099 for fast and affordable squirrel removal and control in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding areas. Our DNR licensed and insured wildlife rescue and control specialists offer nuisance wildlife abatement services, clean-up and minor restorations for animal damages, 24 hour emergency service, free estimates, and much more! Get started by requesting a free estimate or advice, today.

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