Frequently Asked Questions About Nuisance Skunks

There are some incredible facts about skunks that you may have never known about. For example, the scientific name for skunks is mephitis mephitis, which is derived from the Roman goddess of poisonous vapors, and loosely translates to “bad odor bad odor.” Although skunks can surprise you with fun facts like this, they are highly destructive, as well as odorous, so it is important to protect your property from skunk wildlife damages and safety hazards.

Continue reading to review the most frequently asked questions about nuisance skunk prevention and protection.

Indianapolis Skunk Removal and Control 317-875-3099
Indianapolis Skunk Removal and Control 317-875-3099

Will Skunks Damage My Lawn?

Skunks are notorious for digging up lawns in search of juicy grubs and other underground larvae. Because their sense of smell is so heightened, they can sniff a lawn and instantly know where to start digging. The result is a lawn that looks more like a mud field. Getting rid of a lawn grub infestation is a good start to mitigating the damage they can do. Furthermore, skunks will also tear up and devour yields in gardens.

Will a Skunk Spray Me?

Skunks have anal scent glands that produce a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals, which have an aggressive odor. They use these spray glands as a weapon for defense, which means they will only spray if they feel threatened. They are more prone to spray if they are nursing and protecting their young. Although they have a great sense of smell and can hear quite well, they have poor vision, which also contributes to them feeling threatened when approached. 

How Do I Remove Skunk Smell?

Skunk smell can be removed in a number of ways. Although tomato juice is the old-timer remedy for skunk smell, the easiest way is to use some common, household items like vinegar, dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vanilla extract. The first remedy is a solution containing water and apple cider vinegar.

Just rinse the affected area thoroughly, and then generously scrub in the solution. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse and repeat until the smell is controlled. Another remedy includes mixing 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4th cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. For dogs and cats, you can add in a cup of vanilla extract to mask any residual or lingering odors.

How Can I Repel Skunks?

The best way to stop skunks from trespassing onto your property is to take away the stuff they are looking for. This includes food, water, and shelter. Remove food sources like grubs, pet food, water fountains, koi ponds, and exposed garden yields. Things like log piles, openings under patios, and outdoor sheds are viable shelters that should be contained.

You can also make your own non-lethal, eco-friendly repellent from cayenne pepper, ground pepper, and water. Just spray around the perimeter of your garden beds, or directly on your fruits and vegetables, to keep them from coming back for more. If skunks are still a problem, you will require professional intervention. Contact a local and trusted wildlife removal and control company that is licensed by the Department of Natural Resources.

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Indianapolis Wildlife Control 317-875-3099

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