The Most Threatened Bat Species in Indiana

The Indiana Bat is a special species that is protected under federal and state law. The Indiana Bat first became protected by the Endangered Species Act in 1967. Their decline in population was the first sign that these creatures needed help surviving. Their population decline was a result of human interference in caves, toxic pesticides, and destroyed habitats.  It was a sorrowful downhill journey that pushed these mammals into protection. 

Continue reading to learn more facts surrounding this incredible species of bat, including what you can do to safely support and control local bat populations in your community.

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The Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis)

There are many things you might be surprised to know about the Indiana bat.  For example, it weighs about as much as three pennies.  It is very tiny, about the size of a man’s’ thumb.  They are usually covered in a short brown fur.  They live a long time, up to 15 years, females only giving birth once a year.  From May to June each year is when the bat breeding season kicks in.  This is the time in which bats close to residential areas will search for shelters in attics, crawl spaces, and roof tops.  Female colonies form, breeding one pup each.  They will feed and raise their young until they are strong enough to survive on their own.   

Good for the Environment and the Economy

Bats, for the most part, are wrongly stereotyped and misunderstood. People are afraid bats carry diseases and will fly in your hair and attack you; all of which is untrue. Bats avoid humans as much as possible.  They keep to themselves and focus on feeding and breeding their young. Bats contribute in a lot of positive ways that many are unaware of; they deserve more credit than they get. For example, bats consume an enormous amount of insects on a daily basis.

They often eat more than their own body weight, up to 1000 mosquitos, moths, and flies per hour. This keeps bugs of our porches and backyards at night, especially for those who live close to water. Bats are a crucial component to our ecosystem and environment. More and more colonies of Indiana Bats are being discovered and managed year round.  Hopefully, one day, we can see them removed from the Endangered Species List. 

How to Safely Control Nuisance Bats in Indiana

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